Porcelain or Silver Fillings Fit For Health

Porcelain or Silver Fillings

When you have a cavity, it’s important to get it treated before it starts to spread and cause troubling symptoms or serious issues. Taking care of the cavity sooner will help reverse the earliest stages of tooth decay and prevent its progression. If you detect a cavity in your tooth at its early stage before causing pain, it will be possible to treat without extensive treatment.

However, if the decay has progressed beyond the earliest stage, your dentist may recommend several restoration options to restore the health of your tooth. Fillings are the main treatment option for cavities. They are made of various materials such as porcelain, silver, gold or tooth-colored composite resins to restore tooth health.

Sometimes dentists may recommend porcelain over silver fillings for several reasons.


One of the reasons why porcelain fillings are so popular is they can blend seamlessly with natural teeth.

This is a big advantage if you have a cavity in the front part of your teeth that is noticeable when you talk or smile. This can be the area from the canine teeth to the central incisors. The dentist will select an appropriate shade of resin to match your natural tooth color and apply it to a cavity.

If you have a cavity in the smile zone of your teeth, a porcelain filling can restore your tooth and allow you to smile without feeling self-conscious. The porcelain will look as if it were the actual tooth.


A silver filling requires a little more drilling on the tooth than a porcelain filling. This is because silver fillings don’t form a bond with the structure of the natural teeth. So, the dentist will have to create slots or grooves on the tooth to fit the silver filling. This means that some of the natural teeth may be removed in the process.

Porcelain fillings don’t require such steps. Since it can easily blend with natural teeth, you can preserve the natural structure of your tooth.


Silver fillings react much more to change in temperature than porcelain fillings. This means when you eat ice cream or drink a hot cup of coffee, the silver amalgam in your tooth will contract or expand. As a result, silver fillings may crack over time and also cause the surrounding natural tooth structure to crack. The porcelain fillings don’t contract and expand due to temperature changes, making them safe for your tooth.

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